Aluminium chloride CAS 7446-70-0

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Aluminium chloride CAS 7446-70-0 Product Information

Chemical Name Aluminum chloride
CAS Registry Number 7446-70-0
PubChemID 24012
Molecular Weight 133.332
PSA 0.00000
LogP 2.06850
EINECS 231-208-1
Molecular Formula AlCl3


Aluminium chloride CAS 7446-70-0 Product Photo



Application of Aluminium chloride CAS 7446-70-0

Aluminum chloride cas 7446-70-0 has extensive commercial applications. It is used primarily in the electrolytic production of

aluminum. Another major use involves its catalytic applications in many organic reactions, including Friedel-Crafts

alkylation, polymerization, isomerization, hydrocracking, oxidation, decarboxylation, and dehydrogenation. It is also

used in the production of rare earth chlorides, electroplating of aluminum and in many metal finishing and metallurgical




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