Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2

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Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2 Product Information

Product  Name Phenacetin
CAS NO 62-44-2
Molecular  Formula C10H13NO2
Molecular  Weight 179.22
Melting  point 133-136 °C(lit.)
Boiling  Point 132 °C / 4mmHg
Flash  Point 2oC
Density 1.1248 (rough estimate)
Purity 99%
Grade Phamaceutical Grade
Solubility 0.076 mg/100 mL
Appearance White powder
Storage Keep in a dry, cool and  well-ventilated place and keep container tightly closed

Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2 Product Picture

Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2

Application of Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2

Phenacetin cas 62-44-2, with slow and lasting effects, treating headaches, neuralgia, ointpain, and fever, and weakly resisting

rheumatism and inflammation. Because of toxic side effects and the rapid development of similar drugs, however, it is no longer used alone,

only as a raw material in combination with other drugs. Commonly combined with aspirin and caffeine to form a less toxic compound aspirin

used to treat the common cold. Can make chlorpheniramine cold tablets by adding a small amount of chlor Phenacetin is mainly used as an

antipyretic analgesic, with slow and lasting effects, treating headaches, neuralgia, joint pain,and fever, and weakly resisting rheumatism and inflammation.




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